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Tiffany Fulk


Blessed are those who have learned to shout praise to you. Lord, they live in the light of your kindness.

Psalm 89:15 NIrV


I was on my way to Sam’s Club this week to get some items. When I have time alone in the car, I try to listen to a sermon. That is what I love to do when I drive far by myself. I was listening to a sermon by Steven Furtick called “Trapped in Nazareth.” He made a statement, something along the lines that “our miracles become ordinary to us because we live with them or they are in our daily lives.” This stuck with me because I started to think about the blessings in my life that I take for granted. 


As I walked into Sam’s Club, I looked over at a table full of clothes, and I saw a little onesie that said “My first fourth of July.” This took me back to the day five years ago when we were waiting for our son to be born. His birth mom was due July 5th, and we were heading to the hospital on the 4th of July to wait for our MIRACLE. When he was born, I was amazed that God did all of this for my husband and me. He had the perfect child and situation ready for us. All those years of sadness, waiting for God to answer our prayers, and God was preparing for that very minute. You know what? I forget to thank God for this. I live with this cute little toddler with a huge personality, and I forget to thank God for what He did for us. In that moment in Sam’s, I was so thankful. God is so good! I am so thankful for the husband God has blessed me with to walk through this life. I am so thankful I get to teach kids about Jesus and how to easily pray. I have so much more to be thankful for! 


Today, I challenge you to see all the things God has blessed you with. Take some time to thank Him for them. He is a good Father and He blesses us abundantly! 



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