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Mary Johnson


We recently returned from a wonderful mission trip to Ecuador. On the first night we were there, during our evening group devotion time, we each shared a fear that we wrestle with in life. I shared that I fear living out what God has for me in different areas of my life. By that, I mean I want to do what God wants me to do as a wife, a mom, a friend, a leader, but I question if I’m capable to do it. I don’t want to let God down, and I never want to be a disappointment to Him. We also shared what we are asking of God in relationship to our fear…what we would like Him to help us do to overcome the fear. I shared that I wanted God to remind me of His faithfulness to me in the past, and how He has always given me what I need, at the right time, to help me through life. 


A few days later, during another devotional time, we were each given a passage of scripture to read. After a few minutes, we split into groups to share a verse that stuck out to us during our reading. The passage of scripture my group was given to read was Matthew 6. As I read it, I smiled. In part of Matthew 6, Jesus is teaching a group how to pray. Part of the prayer, found in Matthew 6:6, says “Give us this day our daily bread.”  I had written in my Bible that this means we have dependence on God to give us what we need for today. In another part of Matthew 6, Jesus is telling the group not to be anxious. Jesus explains that God knows what we need, and He will provide what we need. Through this chapter, God was reminding me that He is in control and He knows what I need. He doesn’t need me to do everything right; He needs me to rely on Him. He provided for me the reminder of His faithfulness, which was exactly what I asked Him to do the first night we arrived.


As we went around the group sharing what God spoke to us through His Word, I was so thankful God speaks to us. Each person had something that stood out to them in their reading and that they felt God was speaking to them. It was different for each one of us. Even though some of us shared the same verse, it meant something different to each of us because of what we are facing in life. What a blessing that we have a Creator who desires to connect with each of us in a unique way. He knows us, He knows what we need, and He provides what we need at the right time. 


No matter what you are facing this week, know that God cares, and He wants to speak to you. He desires for you to rely on Him for all your needs. He desires to guide you through life. My prayer is that we release our control over to Him, and ask Him to speak and to lead us. 


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