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Skip Lloyd


My life is constantly being pulled from simplicity to complexity. When my life become increasingly complex, it pulls me to being out of balance. Let me give you a very simple illustration. 


I like to listen to music when I run. So, it appeared to me the simplest thing to do would be to buy some kind of gadget that would attach to my running clothing. And the lighter the gadget, the better. In a quick research, I decided to purchase an Apple IPod Shuffle. Apple is known and famous for their simplicity. It’s small and light-weight, attaches easily to my running shorts, and it will hold a great deal of music. I learned that in order to have music, I needed to purchase and download music from another source and then download to my Shuffle. Well of course, I needed a user name and password for the other source. Then I needed to learn how to actually download the music to the IPod. Another username and password. Ok, I learned to do that. And just about the time I figured everything out in the IPod Shuffle world, they changed versions on me and I had to learn how to do everything all over again. Because I was in a constant state of learning, purchasing, downloading, and updating…I still wasn’t running with music. I was getting quickly out of balance emotionally (stressed out) and financially in more debt. Strange illustration, but you get the point in how the simplest things can quickly get out of balance.


Nature is based on a principle of balance. For example, the world is perfectly balanced. It is tilted at a certain angle and rotates at a certain mile per hour…with no vibration. If the world were a little bit closer to the sun, we would burn up. And if it were a few miles farther away from the sun, we would freeze to death.


In architecture, there's balance. There's the balance between structure and stress. Engineers know if a building isn't built right and the stress isn't balanced, it will collapse, or a bridge will fall through. 


In your body, doctors say when you get sick, you have an imbalance in your body.  Health comes when your body is restored…to balance.


God wants our personal lives to be balanced as well. Proverbs 28:2 says, “A man of understanding and knowledge maintains order." First Corinthians 14:32 says, "For God is not a God of disorder, but of peace." 


Begin thinking this week how you can bring order to just one or two areas of your life. Your finances. Or your employment. Or your family and marriage. Begin to implement solutions. Don’t know what the solutions might be? Get the help you need. Often times, we try to do it all ourselves! God’s intention was never for us to do it all ourselves. We were given each other in life. Don’t be discouraged! With some intentional solutions, and some help along the way, you can begin leading a healthy and balanced life.




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