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Kenny Burcham


Read Matthew 14:13 – 21.


In the Bible, the disciples described where they were as “a desolate place,” a place where Jesus is helping people and talking with people. The disciples say, “Jesus, this place is miserable. There are no food trucks around, I don’t even see a lemonade stand. Send these people away so they can get something to eat and drink somewhere else.” (Loose paraphrase)


I think we all have been in a desolate place. You may be in one right now and you aren’t sure. You have nothing around you, and feel alone and miserable. Maybe you are coming out of it, and you are now beginning to see the light at the end of tunnel. You might be completely out of it and in a healthy place right now. God has walked you out of your desolate place and you are encouraged to keep going. No matter where you are, this next verse is for all of us: But Jesus said, “They need not go away; you give them something to eat” (Matthew 14:16).


God doesn’t say, “Figure out who the hungriest people are, and we can share these small loaves and fish we have.” He says, “No one is going anywhere. Let’s feed these people.” Jesus wants us all to come to Him. He is always trying to bless us and give us more than we deserve. Sometimes that blessing comes from a place of desperation and it is our lifeline. Other times, Jesus finds us in a season of blessing and shows us His generosity by giving us more than we can handle. No matter where you are, find peace in knowing that Jesus knows where you are and the season you are in, and He wants to pour out His generosity on you.


I love how at the end of this story it could have said that Jesus fed all 5000+ people and did it with the perfect amount. Do I think Jesus could have done that? Yes, He absolutely could have provided the perfect amount. Why didn’t He? Why did he provide 12 baskets of extras? He did it to show us and all the disciples that He will always give us more than we can ask for. He is continually showing us that He is faithful and worthy of our praise.


Pray that God will move in your situations this week.




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