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Lori Parrish


You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them.

Psalm 89:9


Singer Toby Mac’s Twitter page recently shared a meme that said “Not all storms come to disrupt your live. Some come to clear your path.” There is so much truth in that statement. I’ve found that although in the midst of the storm I can’t always see it, it’s almost the norm that the result ends up being a cleared path.


Have you ever compared the storms of life with the weather-related storms? Growing up, my Granny farmed a pretty large plot of land into a successful garden. She also had beautifully maintained flower beds that provided color to the otherwise green land around the house. I didn’t inherit her green thumb (mine is more of a black thumb), but I did learn a thing or two.


Ohio summers are often hot, and sometimes we have long periods of time when there is no rain. “Drought” was a term that seemed to recur several summers throughout my childhood. In order to sustain life, we’d carry buckets of water in countless trips so the plants could at least have a small drink. Eventually, the forecast would bring signs of relief. Once the clouds would finally develop, the conditions often became favorable for big storms…the kind with wind, loud claps of thunder, and lightning. They would shake your foundation, rattle the windows, and blow down branches. It’s those same storms that provide the necessary irrigation for the garden and the flowers, and to replenish the ground of its moisture.  After the storm had passed, the soil is softened, the wilted plants perked up, and their growth had been sustained. We’d pick up the branches knocked down in the storm, and we went back to our normal routine.


Life’s storms have such a parallel. The “heat” of life often causes us to have a dry spirit. We long for just a drink, for our souls to feel refreshed from the daily routines. Sometimes, we may not even notice how long we’ve been in a drought. We’re wilting from the stress, and the color of our lives feels like it’s gone.


Then the storm rolls in. You cling to Jesus, often asking “why” you’ve been brought to a storm.  As the storm rages, you cling to Him. The storm may shake your foundation, rattle the windows, and even knock some things down as it blows through. You find that you’re hanging on for dear life to Jesus, and that through it all, He’s providing peace in your storm. 


Once it’s over, while you’re picking up the branches that fell in the storm, you realize something has changed.  While you were hanging on to Him for dear life during the storm, you received that drink you had longed for. He brought strength back to your body and color back to your life.  He cleared a path for what’s next…all while you were thinking about the storm.


If you’re in a storm right now, I urge you to cling to Jesus. He’s calming the waters and making a path for you to go forward. Trust Him. He won’t let you go!




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