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Natalie Widener


In my home, it seems someone is always getting hurt, especially my youngest, being as busy as he is. The other day he fell off the end of a grocery cart and got a bump on the head.  As I tried to look through his hair to find it and see what we were dealing with, I had a thought. Sometimes we have to search and really look deep for the “boo-boo’s” of our hearts.


When we get physical hurts…scrapes, cuts, the ones that may require a band aid…the skin starts a process of fixing itself. That alone is pretty amazing and such a generous gift of God! Once the cut is healed, you may not even have a scar or mark at all from the damage. Other times you do. Those scars are the results of trauma to the body. Just like the bump on my son’s head was hard to find, we all carry scars inside our hearts that no one can see. But God does. He sees the hurts, the broken hearts, and the scars that nobody else does. Some we know about, and others are so deep we don’t realize they are there. Ask God to reveal your “scars.” Ask Him to heal your hurts, and then let Him walk you through the healing process. It may take a while for your scar to heal. And can I tell you something? It might never heal completely. Just keep bringing the hurts back to God and He will be so faithful to sustain you!


“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

James 4:8


Don’t hide from the pain, the heartbreak, or the scars of this life. Let Jesus walk with you through it. It is a process and it isn’t easy, but it will be worth it. You’ll come out better and stronger and more Christ-like, which is what we’re striving for, isn’t it? I’m praying this week for healing of your hearts and mine.



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