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Lori Parrish


This is a big world. When Jesus commissioned us to “Go out and make disciples of all nations” in Matthew 28:19, He was giving us a pretty big assignment. ALL nations. ALL people. 


I remember back in the early 90’s when I was in college, I had a not-so-spectacular Macroeconomics professor. He was, in my opinion, a lousy communicator who left most of the learning up to us individually. If you’re like me, I didn’t need any more motivation to dislike Macroeconomics. (I apologize if anyone reading this is an economist. We all have our own calling and props to you if it’s econ!!)


The second week of class, the professor passed out a book to each of us, and assigned us to read it in its entirety before the next class in two days. If this was my only class, I may have been able to swallow the assignment more tactfully, but like most students, I had four other courses I was juggling that quarter. ALL the pages? No way. 


I immediately felt overwhelmed. The professor was called out of the classroom for something, and I quickly looked at the person on my right. She looked like she was going to cry. The guy behind me quietly said, “This dude must think we have nothing better to do than his class. He needs a reality check.” At that point, I decided that we needed a better plan. There were 300-ish pages in this book and 10 of us in the class. I suggested that we each take a section of the book, take really good notes, and make nine copies. We could meet 15 minutes before class to give each other our notes, and we’d have a complete summary of the book. As long as we all did our part (and thankfully, we did), we would have a “Cliff Notes” summary of the entire book and be able to survive the next two sessions of group discussion. It worked beautifully.


When reading Matthew 28:19, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. ALL the people. ALL the nations.  God didn't say we had to do it alone. We can break up this opportunity into pieces, and each do a portion to grow the Kingdom as we react in obedience. I am certain that we weren’t commissioned to feel stressed out or overwhelmed. We are, however, called to action. 


He gave each of us a gift that day on the hill in Golgotha when His life was given up for ours.  What an amazing gift. Friends, this commission isn’t a “task,” it’s a gift. We have the opportunity to share the most amazing gift ever given with our friends, neighbors, and everyone we encounter in this world. Don’t be overwhelmed.  Little by little, just by doing our share, we are reaching the masses. Love well.


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