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Mary Johnson


This past week, my sister and I were running on the bike path early in the morning. It was still dark out, so my sister was carrying a light and shining it on the path as we ran. This worked well, but there are a few short spots where the path is still difficult to see even with a little bit of light. And this week the path was covered with lots of leaves, making it even more difficult to see. At one point, thinking I was pushing my sister too close to the edge of the path, I moved all the way over on my side of the sidewalk, and unknowingly started running off the sidewalk on to someone’s lawn. I had my head down because I was trying to make out the path, but what I didn’t realize was that I was heading toward someone’s front porch! Of course, we laughed when we realized what was going on. Fortunately, no one else witnessed this. A lack of light made it difficult to see the path in front of me, and also made it easy for me to get off the path.


In John 8: 12 Jesus says, “I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” In life, our light is Jesus. We are able to clearly see our lives and the path in front of us only by following Jesus. When we are in a relationship with Jesus, we see clearer, think clearer, are able to make clearer decisions. We are able to have a clearer vision because we can base our decisions off what God’s Word says. God’s light, His Word, is guiding us. Will we still get confused or make mistakes at times? Sure. But we don’t have to wonder what it takes to see clearly again. We know the answer is found in following the true light: Jesus. 


You may feel like you are running on a dark path right now, with no clear vision of where the path is or where it is leading you. If you aren’t following Jesus, the path is leading you somewhere you don’t want to end up. But there is good news; you just need to step into the light, the presence of God, to see clearer. Start taking simple steps of obedience that lead you to the path of light. Start talking to God, start reading your Bible, start listening to teachings of the Bible, start worshiping God. Life is so much better in the light! I’m praying for us to walk in the light, so we can experience the fullness of what God has for us.




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