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Stacey Crawford


My daughter has hit that age where she is scared of the dark. There have been numerous times we have had to shoo monsters away and remind her of what is in the room, so once it is completely dark she doesn’t get afraid. The other morning she woke up crying. When I went in her room, she told me that she was scared. Once we turned on the light, we realized it was a towel that had scared her. In the dark the towel looked like a “hand” to her, but once we turned on the light, we realized it was merely a towel.


I started to think about the darkness that can sometimes creep into our lives. The darkness distorts our view and can cause things to appear “worse” than they really are. In the daytime a towel isn’t scary, but put in the right place in the dark and it can look like a creepy hand that is going to get us. When things get dark in my life, I can often believe things like God has left me, He isn’t listening, He’s abandoned me, the darkness will never end. When we are in dark seasons, it seems like it is never going to end, like we will never get through this and somehow the world is caving in. This kind of darkness can distort our view and cause our faith to waiver.


But when we allow the light into our darkness, our perspective can change in an instant, and our faith is often strengthened. Where do we find this light? Jesus. The Bible describes Him this way:


In the beginning the Word already existed.

    The Word was with God,

    and the Word was God.

He existed in the beginning with God.

God created everything through him,

    and nothing was created except through him.

The Word gave life to everything that was created,

    and his life brought light to everyone.

The light shines in the darkness,

    and the darkness can never extinguish it.

John 1:1-5 NLT


My dear friends, when the darkness closes in, we don’t have to fear, for we know where the true source of light comes from. When it feels as if all hope is lost, we know where to find that hope. When our world is caving in before our eyes, we know where we can find comfort and the strength to survive. Jesus is our source of light in the darkness. He is the One who gives us hope when life seems hopeless. Even the darkest night cannot distinguish His light. The darkest day can still have light when you have Christ leading the way. If you are in the middle of the dark, wandering around, looking for a glimmer of light, I encourage you to look to Jesus. Keep your eyes focused on Him. He will bring light to your darkness, He will bring hope to your hopelessness, He will bring peace in the middle of the chaos. Keep looking to Him and allow Him to be the light you desperately need in your darkness.




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