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Kenny Burcham

My wife Maggie and I got married this past May. It has been the best months of my life by far. God has blessed us so much. I am continually in awe of what Maggie means to me and what she does for me. People often ask, "Is being married as good as you expected?" and I always say, "No, not at all!" I'm sure you can understand the confusion, but if I'm being honest, it's not even close to what I expected. It is so much more than that! I had such low expectations in comparison to what I got. We are continually taking steps together to know each other more and trust each other, but we are blessed beyond what we deserve. I am so thankful for the blessings God has given me, and especially this time of year, He has given me a new reason to be thankful.

I have loved the entire "If /Then" series we have been going through at church. If you missed any, I would invite you to watch them. One visual I am constantly thinking of is the image of the seven chairs in the "Seek - Turn" message. Each chair represents a step closer to God, a challenge He wants us to do to become closer to Him. With each chair came challenges, but also blessings. I love this visual, because no matter where you are, God is laying out what He wants you to do next. I took that visual and immediately converted it to my and Maggie’s relationship. Chair one was maybe becoming friends and starting our journey together. There were blessings of new friendship. Chair two was maybe the start of our dating relationship, and with this step came more blessings. With every step, there were challenges and things to change or tweak, but it was worth it every step of the way. By no means do I think we are at the final chair, either. We have so much to learn and experience, and I am looking forward to it. The challenges don’t even compare to what the blessings are. I would do whatever it takes to move chairs in my relationship with Maggie.

Why don’t we view our faith this way? God blesses us every step of the way. The more we learn about Him and the more we take steps toward Him, the more we are blessed. It always seems harder to commit to trusting God and moving to the next chair. I had no idea what marriage would be like or what it would cost, but every step I took closer to Maggie was worth it. I have no idea what blessings will come with my next chair or my next step toward Christ, but I know it feels pretty scary right now. In the same way, I didn’t know what would be in store with Maggie. I'm trusting God to lead me and be with me.

Ask God for the courage to take the next step. If you don’t know what your next step is, ask God and He will reveal it to you. He will sustain you and hold you. God wants to bless His children, not make them suffer.






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