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Lori Parrish


I keep my eyes always on the Lord.

With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Psalm 16:8


Several years ago, when I went to the eye doctor for a routine exam and prescription update for my glasses and contacts, it was discovered I had a rare condition that caused me to lose a significant portion of my peripheral vision in my right eye. It had happened gradually, so I had naturally compensated without knowing there was a problem. I went through a series of tests and appointments, learned that this disease was a lot like glaucoma, and it was not reversible. The last specialist I went to see explained that I would likely develop “tunnel vision” in that eye and lose all peripheral vision eventually. 


When I read Psalm 16:8, I think about what it means to have true tunnel vision. For me, it’s easy to get distracted at times from what God wants from me and my life. I do my best to “keep my eyes always on the Lord,” but then a crisis or event of some kind works hard to try to shift my focus. As I was reading this verse recently, I kept thinking about how not having peripheral distractions would make the path so much easier.  Spoiler alert: If you read ahead in the New Testament, you’ll find that we are never promised an “easy” path. We are, however, promised eternal rewards for following Him fully while we are completing our time here on Earth.


In true God fashion, my “irreversible condition,” as it was deemed by three very reputable physicians, has drastically improved over the last couple of years and the majority of my sight has returned. I overcame the statistics, thanks to a merciful God. I think about the term “tunnel vision” often though, and how in the life of a Jesus follower, it is a great thing to have. 


I love that God gives me tangible examples of scripture that I can write on my heart. I encourage you this week to write His word on your heart and see His goodness as you focus all of your energy on Him. If you are ever in a circumstance where someone tells you that you have “tunnel vision” and can’t see the “big picture,” I encourage you to see that sometimes, tunnel vision isn’t a bad thing. Keep your eyes always on the Lord, and you won’t be shaken!


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