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Brandon Leitnaker


I have been on a cleaning, organizing, and decluttering frenzy lately. My motivation is one part personal preference and one part spiritual desire. I naturally prefer to live almost a minimalist lifestyle because my brain just operates better when everything around me is simple, organized, and decluttered. The lower maintenance something is, the more I am drawn to it. This reason, and also the second and more important reason of trying to work toward eliminating the things in my life that distract me from seeking God, have contributed to my recent rise in motivation. I hate being distracted, and I would rather have less to care for within my home so I can focus my time and attention on the things that really matter, like my relationships and God. Please hear my words…these are all “would rathers,” under construction goals. I have not achieved them yet, but am currently moving toward them. I still frequently fall into culture’s trap that I need more stuff. I need a better bike, I need a better house, I need a better this or that…these are still frequent thoughts that pop into my head.


For me, it is a pride thing, too. I want to have the best, so I can look the best or appear to have my life all put together so others will perceive that I am respectable. That is pride in a nut shell. But it’s verses like Psalm 10:4 that remind me of the danger of pride and distraction. Psalm 10:4 reads, “In his pride the wicked man does not seek Him (God); in all his thoughts there is no room for God.” This is the farthest thing from what I want. Therefore, I must work with God to guard my heart and mind against getting so caught up in this life and in my stuff that I do not make room for God. I pray that I never get to a place where I become self-sufficient to the extent that I pridefully neglect God and no longer see Him as a necessity in my life. That is such a dangerous place to be, and I have seasons when I do teeter in and out of this mentality. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit has drawn me back, and reminded me of my great need for God above anything else this world could offer.


Make room for God in your lives, my friends. It does not mean you have to sell everything and walk a life of poverty, but always be seeking God and asking for His help to “see if there is any grievous way” (Psalm 139:24) in your heart. He can help us to see any areas of our lives that keep us from making Him the priority, and leave us with no room for Him in our time and thoughts. He wants to lead you in the way that is everlasting, but we have to be open minded to see what all that entails. Seek Him and be open minded about where He leads you.






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