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Abbey Parsley   My great-aunt Annabelle passed away in recent weeks. Don’t feel the need to offer condolences, as her journey to be with Jesus took 101 years, so we are overjoyed for her that she is now with her Creator. Our family gathered at her funeral to remember her, and as I...


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Abbey Parsley   I wake with a purpose to clean. Not because I feel my house is particularly dirty, but because it’s been a little while since I’ve mopped the floors so it’s probably time to do so. The cavalry has arrived home (aka Husband), allowing me a chance to get...


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Abbey Parsley   There’s very little sweeter than sand beneath your feet, ocean wind, your littles shrieking with excitement, husband blissfully happy. I soak in the breeze and sun and people watching. Togetherness looks good on us. The ocean is so massive I feel as though a drop is...


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Abbey Parsley   Devastatingly, I've been in this place twice before. I've been the person who has stood beside the friend/family member, trying to figure out how to hold my own heart together while their own hearts are shattered. I've watched as they stare at the void, the giant crater...


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The littles are ooh-ing and aah-ing at the tv. The winter Olympic Games are on non-stop in our house as I’m sure yours as well. Each and every sport that comes on, their little minds dream dreams that don’t seem impossible at this age. “Mommy, I want to be in the Olympics! Can...