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Mary Johnson   Some friends and I were recently looking at an orchid plant. The bloom of the orchid had already come and gone but there were still leaves on the plant. The orchid had a small enclosed root base but something fascinating had happened in that the roots of the orchid...


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Mary Johnson   As I was thinking about writing this devotion, I hesitated about the theme because I know it is something I’ve written about before. But you know what? It’s a truth I constantly need to come back to and be reminded about in my life, so I figured it might be...


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Recently a few of us were talking about some of the past sports that we played in high school and we remembered some of the conditioning that went along with preparing for the season.  My husband told a story of the first day of practice when he was coaching high school boys...


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Mary Johnson   As a mother of four kids, I unfortunately witness many injuries during day to day activities. I'm very thankful most of the injuries are small and easily handled. But there are lots of cuts and bruises that need my attention. Years ago, our five-year-old son...


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Mary Johnson   We recently returned from a wonderful mission trip to Ecuador. On the first night we were there, during our evening group devotion time, we each shared a fear that we wrestle with in life. I shared that I fear living out what God has for me in different areas of my life. By...


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Mary Johnson   I’m reading through the book of Exodus right now. I was recently reading through the part where God has told Moses and his brother Aaron to tell Pharaoh to free the Israelites. Pharaoh doesn’t want to free them, and his heart is hardened. God sends plagues to...


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Mary Johnson   The message on gossip that Matthew recently taught really convicted me. I was processing through it while I was listening to the sermon, and I am still processing through it. I’ve been thinking about why I gossip. Why, at times, do I have the desire to repeat...


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Mary Johnson   I’ve sectioned off an area of our yard to do a garden this summer. Last fall, in preparation for a garden this summer, a few of our kids helped me prep the ground. We did a process called “lasagna gardening,” which entails laying down several different...


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Mary Johnson   The nightlight in our hallway was unplugged a few nights ago. I got up early in the morning to wake my kids up for school, and it was still dark outside and very dark in our hallway. Even though I knew my surroundings, I still was uncomfortable walking down the long stretch...

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