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Have you ever noticed someone else’s flaws and shortcomings and before you know it, you have focused on it so much that it takes over? I get like that sometimes. I’m ready to pounce on every word out of their mouth. I truly can’t believe how much it occupies my mind. It borders...


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Phil Krouse   There isn’t anything else in this life like it. There are no other relationships to really compare it to. Nothing can match the love, grace, and forgiveness we find in Jesus. I think that’s why I’ve struggled to understand and embrace the fact that God both...


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Phil Krouse   I went to a workshop last week where the speaker asked church leaders to share some things that were unique to their community. After a few people shared about suicides and overdoses within their church, it became clear that those things are more common and frequent than we...


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Phil Krouse   God cares enough about you to set up structure and order around your life. A part of that structure is authority. Sometimes we tend to dwell on the rules and restrictions of authority, but forget the safety and covering authority brings. It brings me comfort to know that the...


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I’ve always been into the way things look…from advertising to product design to home décor. I used to place an unnecessary value on “things,” but in recent years, God has really been working on my heart and actually changing my heart. I still like nice things, but...