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Jesus Died For My Failures

Posted by Lori Parrish on


My mind cannot begin to fathom what it must have been like for God to send his Son to earth to redeem (save) our broken creation. Even more, God knew how messed up we would all be 2,000 years later. He knew we were on a path that led to death, so He chose to send us a Savior.

Can you imagine what it was like for God to walk the earth with all of our ancestors? The people He befriended were what today’s culture would call “basic.” He didn’t seek the high-society people to be His friends and disciples; he went after tax collectors (who were despised by their own people and considered traitors), fishermen, and even anarchists who wanted to overthrow the government (the Bible called them “zealots”). In the midst of the sketchiest situations and people, Jesus never sinned. He was and is God the Son. He had every opportunity and every reason imaginable to turn away from the darkness that generations have continued to create here on earth.

When Jesus died on the cross, He already knew you were going to be just as broken as the people He walked with while He was here. Jesus knew that every day we would struggle to follow the example He set for us. He knew I would have “bad parenting moments” when I was raising my kids. He knew there would be times when I was running late, stuck in traffic, and not loving the person in front of me well (or at all). He knew I would fail at spending time with Him like I should. 

In all of those examples, I failed. In all of those examples, I was still loved. Jesus died for my bad parenting moments, my (mild) road rage, and my poor time management skills. God the Father grants us grace when we go to Him with a humble heart. In those quiet moments, when I seek Him, confessing yet another day of failure, He reminds me that God the Son, Jesus, died for my shortcomings…and for every person who came before and who will come after me.


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