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Reflecting on Truth Has Been Revealed-Protected by It

Saturday is a day to reflect on all that God has been speaking to you this week and how it will affect your life going forward.

From those of us on the Tree Church Daily team, we hope that you have had an impactful week in your time with God! We pray that you were challenged and encouraged by God’s word and His presence in your daily life.

Today, we want you to do something simple, yet important. We want you to take time to write in a notebook, journal, or record a voice memo in your phone answering the prompts below. This does not need to be profound, poetic, or polished. It is a record for you to visit later to see and remember all that God is doing in your life. Journaling is a way to remind you of what God is speaking to you. Speaking something out loud or writing it down makes what we are thinking tangible and makes us accountable to it. If God has challenged you or called you to do something specific this past week, making it tangible makes it real. So don’t skip today…today is about faith building, and that is what we pray happens for you.

Before you get started, though, let’s pray together:

God, what a wonderful gift You have given to me through Your word. I am thankful that You are not a distant God, but a God who continues to pursue after us. Your word is an incredible tool that leads and guides me. As I continue to press into Your word, please give me knowledge, wisdom, and understanding so I can walk out my life in obedience to You. I want to know Your word and to allow it to guide my life, to be a source I run to in all seasons. As I take time in Your presence today, I long for more of You. Teach me, mold me, shape me, and make me new. I surrender all to You. Amen.  

Here are today’s prompts for you to process through in your written or voice journal:

First, focus on God’s promises to you. How does the word of God protect you? Have you experienced this in your life? If so, in what ways?

Second, focus on your current reality. What does your study of God’s word look like? How could it grow deeper? What authority does God’s word have in Your life?

Lastly, focus on a step God is challenging you to take. It is not enough just to read and know God’s word; application is just as important. What is something you have learned through God’s word recently that you need to be obedient to apply to your life?

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