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Embracing the Unlovables
May 10th, 2024
Week two of the series “Following Jesus” is all about how Jesus showed His enduring love to all people, especially the sinners and outcasts who no one else would love.Let’s start today with this praye...  Read More
by Renee Frederick
Abide in His Love
May 7th, 2024
Discipleship is a life devoted to imitating Jesus by our surrender and obedience to Him. In this process, we come to understand His character as we establish a deeper relational connection with Him. T...  Read More
by Corey Brown
Do Unto Others
April 18th, 2024
This week, we continue to explore how God and His ways are often confusing, yet it's in the Cross where God’s ways begin to make sense. Yesterday, we discussed serving others. Today, we will discuss a...  Read More
by Heather Fox
Reflecting on the Clarity of God’s Love
April 6th, 2024
From those of us on the Tree Church Daily team, we hope you have had an amazing week in your purposed time with God. We pray that you were challenged and encouraged by God’s word and His presence in y...  Read More
by Chris Reed
The Bride of Christ
April 5th, 2024
This week we are exploring how God and His ways are often confusing, yet it’s in the cross that God’s ways begin to make sense. Jesus laid down His life for the church (His bride). How should this imp...  Read More
by Jennifer Sosniak
Children of God
April 2nd, 2024
Today we will be talking about fatherly love - the love of a father towards his children. Some of us have had great father figures, but others of us may not have had such men in our lives.Let’s be cha...  Read More
by Joshua Disbennett
An “Everyone” Love
April 1st, 2024
This week, we are talking about how the cross brings clarity to God’s love. More specifically, today we will be reflecting on how God’s love for humanity is unconditional because “everyone” removes an...  Read More
by Cheyenne Miller