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Reflecting on Looking Up

Saturday is a day to reflect on all that God was speaking to you this week, and how it will affect your life going forward.

From those of us on the Tree Church Daily team, we hope that you have had an amazing week in your time with God. We pray that you were challenged and encouraged by God’s word and His presence in your daily life.

Today, we want you to do something simple yet important. We want you to take time to write in a notebook, journal, or record a voice memo in your phone answering the prompts below. This does not need to be profound, poetic, or polished. It is a record for you to visit later to see and remember all that God is doing in your life. Journaling is a way to remind you of what God is speaking to you. Speaking something out loud or writing it down makes what we are thinking tangible, and makes us accountable to it. If God has challenged you or called you to do something specific this past week, making it tangible makes it real. So don’t skip today…today is about faith building, and that is what we pray happens for you.

Before you get started though, let’s pray together:

God, I am so thankful that I am able to turn to You for every single thing I need. When I need comfort, joy, understanding, peace, and so much more, You are the only one who can provide. As I take this time to reflect, I pray that Your Spirit will fill me and speak to my heart. Allow this time not only to glorify You and all You are doing in my life, but also to grow my faith. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Here are today’s prompts for you to process through in your written or voice journal:

First, focus on God’s promises to you. Through your time with God this week, did you gain a new perspective about how much God wants to be included in every moment?

Second, focus on your current reality. Are there any areas in your life where you are not including or honoring God or His commands?

Lastly, focus on a step God challenged you to take. How can you begin to include God and the resources He gives you, in your everyday life? What steps can you put in place, so you remember to consider God's word, wise counsel, and prayer in every decision you make?

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