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United With Purpose

Nehemiah 4:6 (NIV)
So we rebuilt the wall till all of it reached half its height, for the people worked with all their heart.


If you haven’t had the opportunity to witness an Amish barn raising, it’s quite a sight! Everyone comes together from different communities for one purpose: to raise a barn. They come, each doing their part - young and old, skilled, and those just lending a helping hand. It's a symphony of contributions, where each person becomes a crucial part. It’s like a massive jigsaw puzzle, where every piece, big and small, matters. Somehow, from a mere pile of wood on the ground, a structure emerges, reaching high into the sky. It’s an amazing testament to a team effort.

This is just like Nehemiah's people rebuilding the wall. It's not a solo act; it's a cooperative effort. We see different groups, each with a different section of the wall to rebuild. Just like the Amish barn raising, unity is necessary to carry out the plans – it’s teamwork at its finest!

When Nehemiah's people first saw the rubble, they could have turned around and walked away. But instead, they decided to obey and trust God. Their hearts were stirred, not by the mess in front of them, but by the vision of what would be – more than just a physical restoration, but a testament to God’s power.

They knew if they did the physical, God would bring the spiritual. It wasn’t easy work, but they took the opportunities God laid before them and Nehemiah's crew saw miracles. When you commit, obey, and do your part, that’s when miracles happen.

Now here we are, in our community nestled in Ohio, with our own version of a barn-raising project. God’s just waiting for each of us to look beyond the pile that lays before us, and let our own hearts be stirred by the vision of what will be. Embrace the calling that’s on your heart, knowing that as you begin to trust and move forward, you will see God’s hand moving in your situation. United in this common goal, together with God we can make the impossible, possible.

Action Step

Sit in prayer and let your heart be stirred. What rubble lies in front of you, keeping you from doing the physical work that God has called you to do? Is God asking you to trust Him and take a step of faith? If you never take that first step, you will never get the privilege to look back and marvel at what God has done. Stay focused on God, and see Him moving in your situation as you keep moving forward.

Lord, in moments of uncertainty, when faced with my own rubble, grant me the courage to obey and trust You. Help me to see beyond the mess before me, and focus on the vision of what You can do, both in my physical surroundings and as a testament to Your power. Help me to surrender my doubts and uncertainties, seeking Your guidance. Stir my heart, Lord, to recognize the opportunities You place before me. May I commit, obey, and play my part, trusting that when I do the physical, You will bring forth the spiritual.

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