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Redeeming Our Pain

Romans 8:28 (NLT)

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

It goes without saying that if we could be happy all the time, we would choose to be, and a lot of the suffering in the world would be nonexistent. It’s rare for someone to enjoy suffering; I’m sure many of us experience frustration, sadness, and animosity when we do experience pain. If we are so loyal to God, and serve a God that is good, kind, and loves us, then why would He want us to experience pain?

While frustrating to experience, times of suffering can draw us nearer to God…if we choose to allow it. We can choose to look to God and seek understanding into our pain. What purpose does this suffering serve in His overarching plan? Perhaps He wants us to seek Him, to strengthen the relationship and trust we have in Him. Maybe He wants this to be a testament to others, that even in the face of adversity and suffering, we choose Him. We continue to follow Him and not only believe, but trust that He will guide us. Oftentimes the pain we experience is temporary, as God leads us to something greater.

I can recall a time when I was very passionate about a job I was temporarily in part-time, and planned to return to full-time. I was offered and accepted the full-time position, only to be told a couple days later that the position was no longer available to fill. I was devastated. However, God comforted me and led me to a different position that I wasn’t even initially interested in. The role I filled was not necessarily what I applied for, but was exactly what I wanted to be doing. God used that position as a stepping stone to where I am now, fully knowing this was His plan for me. The pain, devastation, and embarrassment were redeemed. I could not be happier or feel more aligned with God’s plan and purpose for my life if I were anywhere else.

It’s not just about us. Taking this perspective can assist us in alleviating the suffering we experience. There is a greater plan at play, and we are serving the roles God has specifically planned for us. God will use our suffering to benefit us, others, and His kingdom…if we let Him.

Action Steps
1. Reflect on a time when you were experiencing pain. What did your conversation with God sound like? In hindsight, how did God lead you through this pain? Did He lead you to something better? What do you think God was trying to teach you?

2. The next time you are suffering in any capacity, try to take a step back and view the situation from an alternative lens. How does/can this situation fit into God’s plan?


Heavenly Father, thank You for always being with me in times of suffering, and for consistently leading me to something better. I pray that I seek You first, trusting that You will guide me through. I pray that I can see Your plan in motion, and continue to understand that You have a greater plan than I could imagine. Help me to serve my role well, no matter the situation. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.  

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